How to Choose The Best Golf Clubs 2016?

How to Choose The Best Golf Clubs 2016?

How to Choose The Best Golf Clubs 2016?

How to Choose The Best Golf Clubs 2016?

Are you looking for an impressive golf club that will offer you the right kind of swing speed? The market is flooded with numerous golf clubs and choosing one that fits your preferences and needs can prove to be a daunting task. Talk about tough choices! Thanks to our compiled list of “best golf clubs 2016,” you no longer need to sweat it.

Whether you are looking for a professional or an intermediate golf club, we’ve compiled a list guaranteed to impress. However; before we jump into what 2016 has to offer, let focus on how to choose the best golf clubs in 2016.

How to Pick the Best Golf Club in 2016?

Choosing the best golf club entirely depends on one’s swing speed. It is important to note that if you do not match your club to your swinging abilities, it will have an adverse effect on your overall game performance. Below is a step by step guide on how to choose the perfect golf club.

1. The first step into choosing the perfect golf club entails determining your swing speed. A 3-iron or 3-wood is designed for a swing speed 60mph or less. A 4 -iron is for those with 60-75mph and a 5-iron is for 75-84mph. A higher level of iron requires a higher set of swing speed and vice versa.

2. The next step involves determining the shaft flex of your desired club. A shaft flex is defined as the amount of force required by the shaft to transfer energy to the ball. A regular flex should be 75-84mph.

3. The next step should involve choosing the right kind of material for your shaft. The most commonly used materials include graphite and steel. A graphite shaft is designed for players who have a slower swing speed. This is because the graphite shaft maximizes on the ball travel distance. Players with a higher swing speed are advised to choose steel shafts which offer greater consistency.

4. Last but not least, you should test your club before you buy it. Different golf clubs from different manufactures have various feels. If you do not like the feel from one manufacturer, you can always opt for another.
Without further ado, let us look at some of the two best golf clubs that 2016 has to offer.

M1 Driver

How to Choose The Best Golf Clubs 2016 3The M1 driver is designed for a light and powerful swing. It features a darker carbon fiber that gives an illusion of smaller head which also saves on weight. It also features a white strap at the face which has been designed to help one return the club to the square. The bottom line is that the M1 has been tweaked to offer ball flight. Whether you are a professional or an intermediate player, this is the club to own.

PSI Irons

How to Choose The Best Golf Clubs 2016 3This is a club that comes in both steel and graphite: whatever you want the choice is yours. Psi Irons clubs are characterized by a multi material badge located at the rear. The badge is used for controlling sound and vibration. Psi clubs are also coupled with face cut outs and cut through sole slots for increasing speed and maintaining ball speeds through center hits. The head has also been cut out at a 360 degree angle which creates a consistent carry distant despite the impact. The good thing about Psi Iron is that it can be used by almost every golf player.

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